Żwirki i Wigury 42a, Warszawa

Conditions hire


  • Deposits:
    Group: A, A + - 700zł*
    Group: B – 900zł*
    Group: C, D, Sport – 2000zł*
    Group: E – 5000zł*

Documents needed for rent:

  • Driving license, passport or ID card and credit card or cash (a cash deposit is required for cash payments).
  • When collecting the car, please have a copy of your driving license, identity card or passport.
  • Luxury and sports cars, from groups: C, D, E, Sport are covered by a deposit only on a credit card or in the form of cash twice as much as the normal rate provides.
  • The vehicle can be driven only by a person entered into the contract and can not be lent to third parties.
  • For any damage that requires servicing and repairs of the vehicle, a customer who is under 26 years of age, answers from his own pocket.
  • Applies to online payments: the rental car returns the money paid in advance for the car booking. The reservation is completed, booked, invoiced. The customer paid money can use in any future period.
  • The rental company does not refund money for the car returned earlier.
  • For the arbitrary extension of the contract, a daily rate of two is calculated.
  • Reservation is guaranteed by a car model from a selected group, the same class, and better - at the same price (not a specific car model).
  • The Lessee undertakes to use the vehicle fully at his own expense and in accordance with the rules of proper operation.
  • During the rental, the Lessee should regularly check oil, water and tire pressure.
  • Lack of a car will result in the collection of an adequate amount for rent from the customer's account.
  • Payment 10 PLN * per day for an additional driver of the vehicle.
  • Hiring and returning the vehicle on public holidays for an additional PLN 100 *.
  • Renting or returning the car after office hours payable additionally 50 PLN *
  • The rental company is not responsible for random events such as lightning, floods, etc.
  • Information about the subsidy for replacing the car with the airport (outside Warsaw) at tel: +48 502 357 493; +48 22 825 10 86
  • For regular customers we rent without deposit.
  • We also rent cars for cash, you do not need to have a credit card.
  • We provide services throughout Poland. We deliver the car to the customer. In addition to the Warsaw area, it is subject to an additional fee. For more information, call (+48) 502 357 493.
  • For losing the key together with vehicle registration documents and insurance, the customer loses all bail.

Price list of penalties

  • No registration certificate, insurance policy, registration plate or registration sticker on the glass - loss of the entire deposit.
  • For losing the key together with vehicle registration documents and insurance, the customer loses all bail.
  • Lost the key without the central locking remote control PLN 220.00 *
  • Lost the key with the remote control of the central lock 600.00 - 3.000,00 PLN *
  • Destruction or loss of the remote control for alarm 220.00 PLN *
  • No unofficial cap PLN 20.00 *
  • No original hub $ 97.00 *
  • No panel for radio 366.00 PLN *
  • No technical documents PLN 500.00 *
  • Refilling of missing fuel according to BP Express + 35%
  • For dismantling parts of the car's equipment or making other modifications without the consent of the Lessor 220.00 PLN * (Contractual penalty)
  • Lack of car equipment parts not included in the price list, w / g fee of the manufacturer's price list + 15% margin
  • Loss of a car guarantee due to the Lessee (the person driving the vehicle) PLN 3,000 *
  • Smoking in the car PLN 250.00 * (contractual penalty)
  • Towing other vehicles with a rented car PLN 250.00 * (contractual penalty)
  • Making the car available to a person who is not authorized to drive a vehicle PLN 250.00 * (contractual penalty)
  • An unlawful displacement of the car outside the Republic of Poland is associated with the loss of the deposit.